Blue Life was first published in 1934 in the book Port Calls (Přístav Volá) by author Jaroslav Foglar - it is described as several rules / taska that we try to accomplish every day so that we can color one box in the calendar blue in order to fulfill them. The goal is to get as many blue boxes as possible. Originally these rules / taska were called My Better Life and the term Blue life was introduced in 1947.

Jaroslav Foglar explains the meaning of these conditions/rules in the words of the book hero Láda Vilemín, who describes them as follows: "I try to live as an aristocrat. True and correct aristocrats were people of rare and beautiful qualities. And I want to be such an aristocrat, but not of an inherited peerage that would have passed to me without my merit, but who deserved it by his life. So I created a new, exemplary Blue Life and I try to live with it to become a true nobleman. Not by title, but by his actions, his whole life."

Tasks of Blue Life:

Morning excercise
Don't forget to stretch in the morning. A small warm-up is important to start every day. Stretch your hands, body and legs and add a few squats. Warm-up is not training and so do not switch.
In the morning we brush our teeth for beauty and in the evening for health. Twice a day is the minimum to complete a task. Once a day is not enough. But a smart boy knows that we should brush our teeth after every meal.
Washing with cold water
Hardening is half health. You may not be hardy, but you can tighten your body by rinsing your face with cold water and adding a neck. The more courageous of you can rinse in half your body, from head to waist.
Decent speech
Color this task at the end of the day. Think if you used a nasty word for this day, whether you called someone a nasty word.
Honest conduct
Color this task at the end of the day. Think if you offended someone, didn't use a lie, whether you did not provoke someone to quarrel or perhaps fight.
Good deed
Good deed every day is the lifelong task of every scout. Did you help at home, at school, in a circle or in a pack? Have you volunteered to work or have someone forced you? Did you help with advice or deed?
Joyful experience
The last and perhaps hardest box of Blue Life. Remember what you did from this morning to the evening. To accomplish this task, you should remember something beautiful or pleasant. A little moment that made you happy. It can be sweets from mum, working with daddy in the workshop, drawing or painting, reading your favorite book, building a kit, small trip, ... just something you enjoyed. Learn to enjoy the little things.