The idea of ​​this app is to extend the ideas of Getting Things Done to the principles of Blue Life. The effort is to select the most important procedures/habits and focus not only on performance in professional life, but also accept personal life and well-being, i.e. inner feelings of people. Everybody has some life targets or wishes, here we try to support you to reach them, or at find the path to them. In many case, We incline and accept that the very path to the goal can fulfill a person as well as to achieve it (for example, living healthy is a path that does not have an ultimate goal).

The methodology of getting things done is quite complicated and many people are unable to change their thinking and rhythm of life according to their ideas and thus leave it. We focused here (like Zen To Done) to find the most important and help with the way how to integrate these points into our work procedures / life habits.

Similar to ZTD, we recommend applying each point one at a time, and as the point becomes "common practice", continue with next one. Of course, we are different and we do not believe that all GTD points must be adhered to every day and for everyone, but we have chosen a foundation that should significantly increase your productivity and your sense of fulfillment.

If you succeed with this app, we will be happy. But it is primarily up to you. Here we have to mention a quote from the Movie Matrix:
I can only show you the door. You're the one that has to walk through it.

We wish you good luck and energy on your way to happiness.